COVID-19 Installation Protocol For Rose Design Interior Design Services

Carly Rose
2 min readMay 7, 2020


This includes Rose Design staff and third-party vendors onsite for installation projects.

Installation Planning & Coordination

  1. No more than one vendor will be onsite with Rose Design at a time.
  2. Only one vendor will be onsite on a given day. Multiple vendor projects will separate each vendor installation by at least one day.
  3. Installation and assembly tasks will be orchestrated with individuals maintaining a distance of 6 feet or more. In the instance that individuals need to be less than 6 feet apart to safely execute a task, special sanitation and protective arrangements will be made. In the unlikely case that this is not possible for whatever reason, we will evaluate if it’s best to hold on this installation element until it is considered safe.
  4. Only individuals essential to the task will be onsite; this may include asking clients to stay home during installation.
  5. We will maintain daily records of all onsite individuals in order to participate in contact tracing if necessary.
  6. Signs will be posted reminding onsite individuals of these requirements.
  7. All individuals will be asked to follow these guidelines by the city of San Francisco in addition to the requirements here.

Installation Onsite Practices

  1. Rose Design team will sanitize doors, surfaces, and high-touch areas where our team will be working before a vendor arrives onsite. This will be repeated at the end of the day before leaving the site.
  2. Each onsite individual will be assigned a designated work and personal area to store items, take a seat or lunch break, etc.
  3. All onsite parties will wear masks.
  4. Rose Design will provide on-site sanitation stations as well as hand sanitizer, clean masks, gloves, and disinfecting cleanser. If a sink to wash hands is not available, handwashing stations will be brought in.

All vendors will be made aware of these guidelines and agree to comply before being engaged for a project.

Rose Design will respect and implement any additional sensitivities or requests made by our clients and vendors.

This protocol will be updated as we have new information.


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