Tax Breaks & Incentives for WFH Employees

Trending WFH Incentives & Budgets

  • Internet stipend: Average $50/month
  • Equipment and furniture stipend: $200 — $1,000, or by special request only
  • Wellness budget: Average $100/month
  • Meals and snacks: Ranging $15-$35/meal, variable frequency special occasions, 1x — 5x a week
  • Computer: Standard issued equipment to all employees
  • Ergonomic consultation: To ensure employees have a safe and healthy work experience
  • Virtual team events and classes: To continue fostering a collaborative and growth-forward environment
  • Interior design support: To facilitate consistent on-brand camera experiences across teams

Tax Breaks For Employees

Missed Opportunities When Working-From-Home

  • A physical connection to your brand and culture
  • A quiet space to work
  • A dedicated desk, office, or workspace
  • Reliable access to professional video conferencing
  • Meeting space or a quiet call room
  • Cleaning staff (you don’t have to clean your workspace)
  • Internet and tech resources that are maintained by the facilities team
  • Work storage
  • Catering, snacks, and beverages
  • Workspace equity
  • 1:1 tailored design support
  • Adapted company WFH guides with workplace best practices for a consistent and on-brand work-from-home experience
  • New touchpoints for merging your online and offline company culture
  • Greater consistency in video conferencing and the WFH experience
  • Installation guides provided to execute the WFH recommendations
  • COVID-19 friendly service executed remotely



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